Air Travel To Zimbabwe

We recommend that all clients fly into Bulawayo, Zimbabwe via Johannesburg (South Africa). All clients will be issued with an invitation letter to come hunting in Zimbabwe. This letter will be used by your travel agent to process the necessary documentation to transit through South Africa with your firearms.

See below is an Africa air travel specialist who can assist you with travel arrangements, visas, travel insurance and gun clearance through Johannesburg airport.

Gracy Travel

Mailing Address:

Gracy Travel Intl, Inc.

6865 Camp Bullis Road

San Antonio, Texas 78256

Local Telephone: 210-698-2611 Fax: 210-698-2158

Gracy Travel offers a meet & greet service that includes firearm clearing, a personnel escort to your hotel and checking in to your onward flight, making transfers through Johannesburg airport an absolute breeze.

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Visas and Gun Permits:

Christy Cevallos

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Skype: martin47032