Bubye Valley Conservancy

Bubye Valley Conservancy Zimbabwe

Previously known as Lemco, the Bubye Valley Conservancy is a privately owned 850,000 acre reserve situated in the south-central region of Zimbabwe

Having once been home to the largest and most diverse variety of game to be found in Zimbabwe, this renowned sweet-veld region is where, at the turn of the century, the great hunters of the 1800`s came to hunt.

At the end of the 1980`s, it was purchased by a group of investors and restored to its former splendour. Bubye Valley Conservancy is now one of the few areas today where one can hunt among the true big five. Both dangerous and plains game hunting within the conservancy is of the highest free range standard. Although there is a perimeter fence around the conservancy, there are no internal fences. The perimeter creates an important barrier between the wildlife and humans, eliminating the conflict between the two and also allows for thorough and essential anti-poaching activities to be conducted.

Considered a premier hunting destination in Africa the Bubye Valley Conservancy is home to eight exclusive private hunting camps situated strategically on the concession, this ensures hunters are placed in the correct ecosystems for the maximum possible success of the desired species sought.

I have been extremely privileged within my 20-year professional hunting career to have been able to hunt some of the best hunting areas Africa has to offer. With a Buffalo population of over four thousand, healthy Lion and Leopard numbers and an enormous plains game population. Bubye Valley Conservancy offers you, the discerning hunter, some of the best dangerous and plains game hunting that one can experience anywhere in Africa today.

The Bubye Valley Conservancy is approximately 170 miles south of Bulawayo depending on which Camp you are allocated and is an easy four-hour drive.  Alternatively, air charters can be arranged into either one of two D.C.A registered airstrips located within the conservancy.

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