Clothing & Footwear List

This packing list should be used as a guide to help you with your preparation. While traveling, I strongly recommend that you carry all valuables and essentials (such as medications and at least one change of clothing) in your carry-on luggage in case your luggage is delayed or lost.

Laundry is done daily; packing should be done with this in mind. The colour of your hunting clothes from hats to boots including your backpack should be green, brown, khaki, olive, or neutral. Avoid light shades of any colour and clothing that makes noise. Depending upon the time of the year, darker coloured clothing might be recommended such as darker greens.

For the colder months, May to September I recommend layering clothing since temperature changes from dawn to dusk can be significant. You should test your layers before your trip, your outer layer should fit easily over the inside one(s) without binding and bunching up. You should test fire your rifles with your layers on to ensure you are happy with how it feels. Do not bring clothing items that you care too much about, the African bush is unforgiving.

Let the camp staff or your P.H know if you have synthetic clothes, as they might be ruined by ironing.


3 x Pairs long pants, pants should be comfortably fitting and made of a sturdy fabric, the thicker and tighter the weave the stronger and more impenetrable to thorns and insects. I suggest cotton; it is great in warm weather. Jeans & Cargo pants with zips or buttons and lots of pockets are a great functional piece of clothing. Make sure to bring plastic clothing zippers  to the attention of your laundry staff, to ensure care when ironing.

Or 3 x Pairs shorts, some hunters are comfortable wearing shorts for hunting in warm climates, which is fine, but there can be drawbacks. I usually advise against wearing shorts for hunting due to the abundance of sharp thorns, twigs and spear grass which can be hard on your legs. A pair of shorts for camp or travel may be good to bring if the weather is hot, but the choice to wear them while hunting is yours.

3 x Shirts, long sleeved vented shirts for hunting will protect you from the sun and the bush to some degree. I suggest cotton; it is great in warm weather.

T-shirts (can be used in layered clothing for warmth, or on their own for wear in camp)

A light waterproof, breathable, noise free jacket.



Casual clothing for relaxing at camp and traveling,

Warm jacket or heavy weight fleece for winter evenings

Warm wool sweater(s) or mid weight fleece

Warm hat, (beanie) one that covers your ears.

Gloves; that are functional for hunting, preferably leather and dark in colour.

Swimsuit (end of August to November)


Hunting boots, you should bring two pairs of well broken-in hunting boots. Your footwear should be comfortable, light weight, darker in colour and have the advantage of a quiet sole for stalking or tracking.

Extra shoe laces for your hunting boots

Casual shoes or sandals for relaxing in camp and traveling (Optional)

Good quality socks will minimize the risk of blisters.


Hat; a suitably coloured baseball cap and/or wide brimmed safari hat for added sun protection for your neck and ears.


Bandanna, in neutral colours is a great multi-purpose item, sun protection (head or neck), wet it will cool you off, handkerchief, dust mask, etc.

Gaiters in leather or canvas. The ‘above the ankle’ variety, help to keep your boots and socks free of nuisances, such as sand, prickly seeds and sharp grass.

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