Firearms & Ammunition

We recommend that you bring your own rifles.

For hunting Elephant, Buffalo and Hippo the minimum legal caliber is .375

For hunting Eland, Crocodile and Lion the minimum legal caliber is .300

For hunting medium size game the minimum legal caliber is .270

Zimbabwe Temporary Firearms Import Permit


Documentation for temporary importation of firearms into Zimbabwe is simple; A temporary firearms import permit will be issued to you by Zimbabwe customs on arrival at the airport in Bulawayo.

The maximum amount of ammunition allowed is 100 rounds per firearm. Recommended amounts for a heavy rifle are, 40 rounds of expanding bullets, and 10 rounds of full metal jacket bullets. For a medium rifle, 60 rounds of expanding bullets. Some medium caliber solid ammunition is useful for hunting small game such as Duiker, Steenbok, Klipspringer and the small cats.

Most of your shooting will be done with a medium caliber rifle from .270 to .375. Distances that you will be shooting will be between 80 to 300 yards. We encourage hunters to avoid using extremely high velocity rifles. In most cases, heavier bullets perform better on tough skinned animals. African game is large and tough, and good penetration is essential for clean kills. Good bullets to consider are Swift A-Frame, Barnes X and Trophy Bonded bullets. It is important to have the correct ammunition pouches for the ammunition that you will be carrying.

Be certain your medium rifle is sighted in at 200 yards and the heavy rifles at 100 yards.

Airlines require that firearms and ammunition be checked. Firearms should be securely cased and packed unloaded. Ammunition need to be in a separate locked box that can be placed in your check in luggage. On check in you must advise the commercial airlines that you are traveling with firearms and ammunition. Each airline has strict restrictions as to weight and packing. Please check with the appropriate airline or your travel agent as to their particular regulations at least six weeks before your departure.

USA Customs Form 4457


For US citizens, a customs form 4457 is required to clear firearms into and out of Zimbabwe.

For European citizens it is essential that you bring your issued rifle permit with you.

South African SAPS 520 form


Hunters passing through South Africa and overnighting there will be required to fill in the SAPS 520 form to clear their firearms.

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